The Benefits of Signing Up for an Apprenticeship

The Benefits of Signing Up for an Apprenticeship

In the UK, there are many further education options available for young people to choose from. Each of these will offer different experiences and qualifications. Which route a young person takes will often depend on their future career aspirations. One option they should consider is an apprenticeship as there are many benefits to this Continue reading The Benefits of Signing Up for an Apprenticeship

Online Shopping Tips

Online Shopping With Peace Of Mind

Shopping online is really convenient, easy, and open all hours of the day and night. It’s like having nearly any shop you like, coming into your front room for your comfort and convenience.

Since the widespread instalments of optic fibre cabling have massively speeded up computer interactions, online shopping has become more and more popular, encompassing almost everyone in all walks of life.

Taking care and keeping your money safe when out shopping, is second nature, you don’t think twice about checking your change, or shielding your PIN when using a terminal, and it should be the same when shopping online.

Much of online security is down to Continue reading Online Shopping Tips

Modern Construction Methods

Modern Construction

Once the foundations and footings are in place on the building plot, and whilst digging machinery is still on site, it may be a prudent time to lay drains.

It may be easier to draw out a diagram of the intended drain works to ensure the correct amount of pipe and fittings are present on site.

It is important to ensure everything is in place and working before backfilling, as solving problems after completion can be difficult and expensive.

Modern houses have two types of drainage, surface water, which deals with rainwater only, and foul water which carries sewage and grey water from Continue reading Modern Construction Methods

Exceptional Hardship & Totting Up Points

The Exceptional Hardship Defence

Did you know that there are drivers legals driving in the UK with 13, 15, 18, even 20+ points on their driving licences? We live in a crazy world whereby when you reach 12 points you automatically lose your driving licence for 6 months for totting up,……. unless you employ what’s known as an exceptional hardship defence.

This defence allows a driver to retain their licence if they can demonstrate to the court that not being able to drive would cause Continue reading Exceptional Hardship & Totting Up Points