Good Backlinks Versus Bad Backlinks

What are Backlinks?

Short answer…… backlinks are the driving force behind Google and other search engine rankings.

Backlinks are links pointing from other websites to pages of your website. Each link carries with it trust, authority and category metrics from the ‘mother’ site to your page.

These trust, authority and category metrics add up across all your back-links to give your site a relevant category (or not), as well as a trust and authority score ( ranked between 0 – 100).

Google especially likes to see links from high quality sites, that are highly relevant to your content topic, so that your site and your back-links are congruent with each other.

What is a Bad Link?

Google penalises low quality and spam links and these can harm your website rankings.

While it is probably the case currently, if a website isn’t included in Googles index, it is not a good link to obtain.

Google went through a process of de-indexing millions of websites a few years ago and during that process, handed out penalties to sites that had links from sites that it de-indexed.

Now that those sites are not included within Googles’ results, it is a matter for conjecture as to whether they still harm sites they link to or whether they just count for nothing.

As those sites are actively being blocked from being added back into the Google index, it makes sense that in all probability Google holds an index of spam sites and still spiders them for spam link indicators.

For this reason its strongly advised to only seek links from indexed sites.

Additionally signing up to link networks in the hope that they will give you a short cut to top rankings is a short sighted view because google are actively seeking out these networks that exist only to manipulate Googles results.

What is a Good Link?

Google quality links need several important attributes;

  • Google indexed
  • Variety of longtail anchor text
  • Dofollow majority
  • Natural link variety, images, text links, nofollow, etc.
  • Different Class C IP Addresses
  • Majority URL & Brand Backlinks
  • Junk Back-Links
  • Non Orphan Pages

Your links from indexed sites need to fall within Google ideal ‘natural’ optimisation structure as listed above.

Over optimization of anchor text is the fastest way to harm your rankings, so whatever you do, don’t build too many exact match anchor text links.