The Benefits of Signing Up for an Apprenticeship

The Benefits of Signing Up for an Apprenticeship

In the UK, there are many further education options available for young people to choose from. Each of these will offer different experiences and qualifications. Which route a young person takes will often depend on their future career aspirations. One option they should consider is an apprenticeship as there are many benefits to this type of education.

Gaining a Recognised and Relevant Qualification

The main purpose of an apprenticeship is to gain a recognised and relevant qualification. If a person knows what career path they intend to take, then opting to study an apprenticeship can steer them in the right direction to gaining all the necessary qualifications they need to achieve their career goals.

Practical Skills

While it is possible to learn many things from books, learning practical skills requires a hands-on approach. An apprenticeship generally combines time in a practical working environment and time in the classroom. Young people will have the opportunity to learn a wide range of different skills that are relevant to their chosen career.

Experience of the Workplace

The workplace is a completely different environment than a classroom. There is a huge amount of skills that someone studying an apprenticeship can learn from their time at work. For example, they will learn about timekeeping, teamwork, communication and working independently using their own initiative. These are all transferrable skills that someone can use in their future working life, regardless of where they work.

Earn While You Learn

Most people studying on an apprenticeship scheme will earn a small amount of money. This is usually a set amount of money that is agreed at the start of the course. Many young people find the prospect of earning money while still in education one of the greatest benefits.

The First Step on the Career Ladder

Choosing an apprenticeship is often the first step on the career ladder. In fact, it is not uncommon for the employer at a work placement to offer an apprentice a permanent job at the end of their course if the apprentice has shown potential. Even if this doesn’t happen, there are many businesses looking for people who have completed an apprenticeship to join their team.

These are just a few of the benefits of choosing an apprenticeship as a form of further education for students in the UK. Many apprentices find additional advantages to apprenticeships, such as having an enjoyable time and making new friends.